Handcrafted Representation

The world of online content is changing at a blistering pace. With audience fragmentation and the rise of social
media, Middleshift has helped pioneer a new model for the matching of brands and world-class content. These
campaigns are executed with deep integrations, branded entertainment and custom distribution.


Working with a handful of talented producers and studios, Middleshift identifies marquis content opportunities for
brands. Then serves as a guide for marketers and producers as we collectively harness the power of interactivity
to reach each parties goals.


The All-for-Nots


When Break.com was ready to scale our advertising sales operations, we looked to Vince and Middleshift.    Vince opened doors with major national brands and studios who have since become our long term partners and also helped us attract world class talent. Long past our initial engagement Vince continues to look out for our best interest and develop opportunities for our company. It's without reservation that we recommend Vince and Middleshift.


Keith Richman CEO, Break.comcomma


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