Custom Training

We believe the only way for your organization to get a strategic advantage in the marketplace is to know and do things that others do not. Therefore, all of the training we do at Middleshift is customized for your specific needs.


In advance of creating a training program, we'll conduct a complete analysis of your organization's skill sets, go-to-market strategy and the current selling environment. After this review we'll recommend a course of training and coaching solutions that we'll implement with you and your team.


In addition to group training expect us to become fully engaged members of your team. We'll field test your products, create value with your clients and conduct one on one coaching with your managers and team members.


Mark and Vince take a transformative "thinking" man's approach to sales.  If a sales team and management are willing to buy into their process, the results can be dramatic.  After working with them, sales growth increased more than 50% (from 25% growth to over 40% growth).  Most importantly, we've improved client service; in an annual Meyer's survey, the TV Guide sales force was "most improved" in client satisfaction among media and entertainment web sites in 2007. Well done


Richard Cusick, General Manager TV Guide.comcomma


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