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Steven Van Blarcom

Online Sales Executive


MaryAnn Anderson is an experienced Online Sales Executive whose experience in media began in New York in 2000. Her career started in Television with Buena Vista Television and Sony Pictures Television. After working for Sony's domestic properties, including Columbia Tristar and The Game Show Network, she transferred to Miami, working with Sony's International division, supporting Latin America, Mexico, Brazil and Asia.


Anderson's move to digital media brought her to Los Angeles to run the west coast Sales Planning department at AOL, where she managed the sales support team for three years, overseeing and executing major national marketing campaigns. She most recently worked at Warner Bros. selling digital media across their branded entertainment content with a focus on entertainment and lifestyle clients servicing movie studios and television networks. the entertainment category, she executed successful online programs for entertainment marketers in film, television, music and games.


Ms. Anderson graduated from NYU with a BS degree in Mass Media Communications.


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